Monday, March 19, 2012

Videogames are Art

Video games are an important part of society today. Videogames can allow for tons of fun and have created thousands of jobs.

But videogames are not only running around and killing people or eating white dots with a cheese like creature being chased by ghosts. Videogames have allowed various artists to express themselves in ways they never thought they could. That’s why, on March 16th, the Smithsonian museum located in Washington D.C. opened a new exhibition dedicated to videogames as a form of art.
Image by “Bethesda Game Studios

Do you find making videogames a form of art a good thing or should it stay on the shelves of us gamers? And just for the heck of it, whish is YOUR favorite videogame?

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Hunger Games

Many of you probably already know about The Hunger Games, the book series created by Suzanne Collins. If you have no idea of what this is, then, you must know that it's basically set in the future, when all America has disappeared, except North America. There are 12 districts, which are governed by "The Capital". In order to show all the citizens that they have all the power, each year, they assign a boy and a girl to fight to death (live) at an arena. Well, I'm not going to say more, because then the surprise is ruined. If you want more information, click Here
The thing is, that this wonderful series is going to be a movie!! Its coming in May, and the two main characters are going to be starred by Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. 
By watching the trailer, what do you think about the plot? Would you watch it? And most importantly, what would you do if you where forced to participate? 
(There was a problem while downloading the video. So click Here)

By: Pablo Arimany 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The New iPad

Not iPad 3, nor iPad 4S, but simply iPad. That is the new name of the third generation iPad that came out on Wednesday March 8. The Apple Crew themselves call this "A Resolutionary iPad". The phrase probably comes from the all new screen on this iPad. This iPad comes with four big major features:

-Retina Display
 This display contains more than 31 Million Pixels on the screen.
 It creates a much sharper picture of pictures, videos and whatever you are doing on the iPad.

 The camera on this new machine now takes pictures of 5 megapixels.
 When you film, the camera also icludes the picture stabilization, which means there is less movement in the
 camera when you are filming.

-New A5 chip
 Apple has now created a new chip for the iPad called the A5X chip. It is quad-core, and now has up to
 four times faster graphics.

 4G, also called the next-generation wireless technology. 4G is the worlds fastest cellular network. With 4G
 you can get online almost everywhere, and watch videos, download apps and view photos at amazing

The iPad is an incredible machine that is excellent to carry around and to get online anywhere, anytime. The prizes start at: WiFi- $499
                      WiFi+4G- $629

Also with this new iPad coming out, the prizes on the iPad2 have been lowered to $399.

What do you think about this iPad? Too cheap? Too expensive? Amazing? Horrible?
Would you buy one?

By Sveinung Eskeland

FEI- Horse Paradise

FEI, or the Federation Equestrian International, are equestrian competitions that involve mainly jumping. All European countries, and the USA. I admire all of the riders who compete in this competitions, because they jump extremely high obstacles. They jump other cool things like pools. The actual name for the FEI jumping competitions is Rolex FEI. The winners from the 2011 where Christian Ahlman from Germany in first place, Eric Lamaze from Canada in second place, and Jeroen Dubbeldam from Netherlands in third place. 
What do you think about this competitions? If you where a profetional rider, would you compete? 

For more information, go to this site

By: Pablo Arimany

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cool Album App

Bjork, an Icelandic artist, did something that no other artist has done before. Her new album, Biophilia, is an app where you can play with the songs, see all the process she did to make the songs, and even change them!! When you open the app, you will see a bunch of stars, in which there's each of her songs. When you click on the star of the song, you can play with it. 
What do you think about this app? and if you could do something similar, what would you do? 

By: Pablo Arimany