Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The New iPad

Not iPad 3, nor iPad 4S, but simply iPad. That is the new name of the third generation iPad that came out on Wednesday March 8. The Apple Crew themselves call this "A Resolutionary iPad". The phrase probably comes from the all new screen on this iPad. This iPad comes with four big major features:

-Retina Display
 This display contains more than 31 Million Pixels on the screen.
 It creates a much sharper picture of pictures, videos and whatever you are doing on the iPad.

 The camera on this new machine now takes pictures of 5 megapixels.
 When you film, the camera also icludes the picture stabilization, which means there is less movement in the
 camera when you are filming.

-New A5 chip
 Apple has now created a new chip for the iPad called the A5X chip. It is quad-core, and now has up to
 four times faster graphics.

 4G, also called the next-generation wireless technology. 4G is the worlds fastest cellular network. With 4G
 you can get online almost everywhere, and watch videos, download apps and view photos at amazing

The iPad is an incredible machine that is excellent to carry around and to get online anywhere, anytime. The prizes start at: WiFi- $499
                      WiFi+4G- $629

Also with this new iPad coming out, the prizes on the iPad2 have been lowered to $399.

What do you think about this iPad? Too cheap? Too expensive? Amazing? Horrible?
Would you buy one?

By Sveinung Eskeland


  1. I LOVE THIS FREAKIN AWESOME COMPANY!!!!!! iPad is one of the best they made. Get ipads everyone.

    1. Galaxy Tabs are Better...

  2. They have cool things included but i dont get why they always have the same decoration. Boring. And ipad is super expensive. Wasting money.

  3. Wow!! This iPad seems really cool!! Its definitely amazing Sven! The 4G definitely attracts my attention! I think that if I had the money, I would buy it.

  4. I think iPad is getting better each time, but anyway i wouldn't like to buy it. Whenever I try my friend's iPads.. it is heavy and I get nervous when I hold it. If it gets lighter i would really like to buy it :D

  5. Many people were saying that the iPad 3 would come out, but it is just the new iPad. It is pretty cool because the keyboard now has voice dictation, there is a better resolution, etc. However, I can notice that Apple needs Steve Jobs's help. I was expecting more from them on this new iPad. Therefore, I believe this new iPad is more of an iPad 2S.

  6. But this has not come out yet right?

  7. In my opinion the i pad is very useful because it has a variety of things you can do with it you can use it as a Gps, book,TV...etc its very handy in whatever problem you have like if you get lost you can use the GPS.

  8. I don't think the new ipad as much as I expected. I expected more from apple.

  9. The Ipad seems good. With all the new things that are being released. There are so many videos that say how ipads would be in the future, which surely are fake. But the cool thing is that the video effects are really cool how they do the laser keyboard and more.

  10. I heard about these ipads, but I have read a lot of reviews that there were no difference between the new ipad and the other versions... I don't really think it worth buying a new one, if you have an ipad. Also, I think if their goal was making the people buy more ipads, they should have made a big change on the operating system or something to make it unique. I still doubt if it actually worth buying a new one if you have an ipad or ipod, or even any other tablet, like SamSung Galaxy Note.

  11. Ipads have become a big deal nowadays, like I have seen a lot of people in the street playing or using Ipads. I don't own one, but I imagine and I have heard that they are dreally handy and are really awesome.

  12. I think it's unbelievable how fast these guys make new products. I can't see much difference in each ipad, despite all the new apps and the new things that will be included, like the (I forgot its name) lion thing. The fact that its going to be much faster is actually a very big difference if you think about it. Better graphics is also a big change.

  13. I really like iPads, I always liked them, and I think this is an amazing machine. I think that it is incredible that technology has advanced that much, and gone that far. It is (for me) something that everyone should try.