Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Who says dogs and cats don't get along?!

I'm amazed of how many different animals can get along regardless of its characteristics. The video above shows a dog taking care of the kittens as well as the cat taking care of the deer, the horse raised by a goat, and a leopard taking care of a baby monkey. There are many other cases in which different animals are raised not by the same race. These situations make me think that animals are sympathetic and that there's no law that prevents them to act differently. What do you guys think?...

By Lucy Kim

Epic Meal Time

From www.google.com

Epic Meal Time is a Youtube channel in which is based on cooking large amount of food with large amount of calories. People who make this show get to cook food in a way that no one else has ever cooked. At the end, they also get to eat the meal they've made. For example, the lasagna in the picture contains every ingredient a normal lasagna has except that instead of having layers of pasta, it has layers of hamburgers. This Fast Food Lasagna contains over 70,000 calories and is huge! For me, it's amazing that it actually looks delicious when they eat it, although, at the same time it's disgusting when they make it.

By Lucy Kim