Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Justice League VS. Avengers

It is beautiful when characters from different shows cross over into other shows but doing it in your head is much more fun. My favorite battle scenario is the Justice League VS. Avengers. For those of you who do not now the avengers (they are fairly new) they are basically the heroes you have already seen that were not given actual cities to defend. Anyway that scenario is my favorite to think about. The fun thing about this is you get to be as accurate as you want or even use cheats. My cheat is giving Iron man kryptonite so he can kill Superman. Whats your favorite imaginary showdown?

CC courtesy of PopCultureGeek.com

By Gio Aboujaoude


  1. I'm not sure what would be my favorite scenario because I don't know much about super heroes, but I think I would like seeing how superman dies because Ironman had Kryptonite during a fight. But it would be cheating though...

  2. You might be right pablo, but the thing is... Over time Superman has been threatened with Kryptonite, and they still can't manage to "kill" him. It would be an awsome battle, but would he die? I think he wouldn't, people are just to in love with superman that killing him would cause broken hearts. Also, people would probably view Iron man as "the bad guy," but who knows? Anyways, it would be an awsome fight, specialy if it's the type of "Gladiator fight," where the favorite is the one that wins.

  3. Yeah, using kryptonite does seem pretty cheap. I think Batman could get Superman without using it. While Superman has his physical brawn and other superhero traits, I think Batman's greatest asset is his cunning.

  4. Yeah, yeah, sure! Batman's greatest assest is his cunning. But tell me, how can that defeat Superman? In other words, how does this logic work? In Mortal Combat vs. DC Universe, Batman can defeat Superman, but that is a game of equal strength and the game only depends on the one using the joystick. It is imperative to think that Superman can be defeated by Batman.