Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Little Things

Hello everyone. Here is another post about One Direction, that I am posting because I usually post about One Direction. What can I say? I’m obsessed! Anyway, there is ANOTHER single from One Direction that has come out. As you know, (if you’ve read my other posts about One Direction) their first album was “Up All Night” and then their single came out, “Live While We’re Young” which I also posted about. But their new single, “Little Things” has come out and it is from their new album, which I ALSO posted about, “Take Me Home”. In the first album, “Up All Night”, there were quite many songs written by the famous singer Ed Sheeran, and there are some other songs that were written by One Direction but definitely not all. And this song, “Little Things”, was also written by Ed Sheeran and the song is great. I found this video, and I loved it, but this is only the lyric video and the official music video hasn't come out yet but it will be soon. I love this song to death, and it already has about 3,000,000 views so you should watch it and listen how beautiful it is. And, uh, yeah. That’s it. If you love this song please leave a comment and tell me so.

-Ivette G.

Kyrie Irving as Uncle Drew

Are any of you guys NBA fan's? Well here I have this video of Kyrie Irving promoting Pepsi Max, and this is the commercial he did. Basically what Kyrie Irving does is dress up and act like "uncle drew" a fictional made up character. Uncle drew is old, and when he comes down to the park, he starts showing some Irving skills. Kyrie begins playing really bad, but progressively keeps getting better until he even starts dunking the ball. I personally think this is the most creative commercial by far. Do you think Pepsi did a great job doing this commercial? What is your favorite part about this video? Let me know!

Di Hwang

Holding People's Hands 2

     So, as some of you may or may not know, I enjoy being on youtube! But, who doesn't? Ok so anyway, there is this dude on Youtube that does very funny videos, and they are unique cause i havent seen anything like this before, and his youtube channel is called LAHWF. In the video i have posted below, he and his sister go to the city or wherever they go, and start just randomly holding people's hand, and in the video you'll see the people's reactions. It's funny :)

      He also has other videos where he hugs random people, tells them he loves them, holds the door for them (when they are far away) and many others! Oh and he also has a video where he drops his papers and waits for someone to pick them up. But, i really suggest you watch his videos! You won't regret it cause he is one hilarious dude.


By: Arige Mubarak

Friday, October 26, 2012

Dogs are Best Buddies

By: German Paredes

Many people have a dog at home, and people takes them as part of the family. 
But you know that dogs are the best pets ever, because are very loyal. 
Dogs can be the best friends ever, for example many dogs are helpful for 
people who have disabilities. These dogs are trained for people 
who need help. But there are dogs that are trained to be loyal,
or helpful. 

I have seen that when a dog grows up with a human baby, they dog 
and the baby starts to grow feeling for each other. And when they 
are young they are going to be the best friends. They are 
going to share a lot of activities they like. There are dogs
that like too surf, play soccer, skydive and other many things. 

When a dog have strong feeling for a person, the dog would 
protect him, and the dog would consider the person 
his boss. And the dog would do everything to make his 
boss happy, and vice versa. The dog would try to go everywhere 
his boss is going.  

I recommend everyone to take care your dog, if you have one. 
Think about this, dogs are living things, they have feelings.
So, if you were the dog and your dog your boss,
would you like the way your dog treat you?

George Watsky

Do you ever feel like there is no good music out there any more? If you’re anything like me then the answer is yes. So if you ever feel hopeless and depressed about today’s music you should check out George Watsky.

Watsky is a hip-hop artist who often also does standup poetry and comedy hip-hop. Watsky was born in September15, 1986. He has been doing poetry and rapping since high school and entertaining us, or at least me, for a long time now.

Most of his fame comes from the interwebs. He gained a lot of traction in January 17, 2011 when he released his famous video, “Pale Kid raps fast” which has been renamed to “Watsky raps fast.” “Watsky raps fast” has almost 22 million views today and has been on this very blog.

But Watsky has been doing music and poetry for way, way more than that. It’s definitely totally worth it to go check him out. He is surprisingly unknown for an artist of his talent so you should go check him out and tell all your friends. And I mean all your friends, especially your grandmother, and your pets.

Gabriel Rodriguez

Thursday, October 25, 2012

People are seriously awesome!

This is a compilation of the human awesomeness. There a lot of these talents are beyond the imaginable, it made me think how much of an underachiever I am. It's so interesting how the human race can be this impressive. Now I have a reason to appreciate being human! Especially the part where the man is doing gymnastics as he dresses up, that was amazing! Well I hope you guys enjoyed the video as much as I did. Tell me what you guys think? Which ones do you like the most? What talents could you relate to the ones in the video? Let me know in the comment section below!

- Di Hwang

Monday, October 22, 2012

Emblem 3

By: Arige Mubarak

Hellooooooo! So, while I was watching the x factor the other day, this group called emblem 3 went and auditioned. They auditioned with an original song called Sunset Boulevard. It was awesomeeeeee! i liked it, and apparently, so did the judges. This group consists of three guys, one is 19, the other one is 18 and the youngest one is 15. I really like this group and I think they might actually be in the competition for a long time, which is good because if they got voted off, i would be sad. And trust me, after you listen to their audition and their other covers, you would be sad too. And i am having a really hard time writing this post because i have no idea of what else i could possibly add about them. Just watch the video below, then go on youtube and look for their other videos, especially this one (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uoF_37kgiM) so that you can hear all of their voices :) and then after watching that video, you will want to watch other videos and you will procrastinate. Good luck :) But, before I leave and start watching videos on Youtube, do you like them as much as i do? And, how far do you think they will be in the competition for? Tell me what you think!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


I would recommend you to watch the video first.

If you’ve heard this song before, great. You’d know this song is great. There are many people that love this song, but it is now usually an unstoppable prank to sing this song to people or to show them the video, and you have RickRoll’d somebody. It is a popular internet prank. The first time I knew about this it was because he had rickroll’d me and explained me how it worked. He said he rickroll’d himself all the time because it was such a great song. So, it’s okay to rick roll yourself, I mean, it is a great song. I cannot deny it. If you will rick roll someone, it’s even better to do it twice. Here’s step by step how to rick roll somebody.

Step 1: Copy-paste the URL and send it to somebody.
Step 2: Explain to them they’ve been rick rolled.
Step 3: Go to tinyurl.com to make it a different URL and your target won’t know.

If you didn’t understand it as well, or you just want to make sure you understand, this video will tell you step-by-step.
Tell me what you think, do you think if people will keep on doing this it’ll get tiring or it’ll just happen even more? Express your thoughts, please.

-Ivette Galvez

Live While We're Young

Hello everyone. One Direction’s new song is called “Live While We’re Young”. It’s the new single that came out September 20th. I remember that when I first saw it, which was the day it came out, there were already about 5000 or more views, because that is how much they are loved around the world. Me, being a big fan of One Direction, love the song. The video is only showing them singing and they’re at some kind of place. It’s just them doing things that show how much they love to be young and they want to be young forever. Here in the video it’s a little weird because here they are doing “weird” dance moves, singing their hearts out and splashing water onto the camera. If you are a directioner, you should know that they are beautiful and a bit crazy at times, but no matter how weird they are, they’re One Direction. Just watch the video please!!! You don’t have to but I guess it’d be nice. And think what you think just don’t be insulting them around us huge fans. So yeah, just watch the video and then you can go along with your “normal” life. Don’t feel bad if you liked the video, because you are definitely not the only one who does.

-Ivette Galvez

Friday, October 19, 2012

The X Factor (USA)

By: Arige Mubarak          

     Hello everyone! The second season of the X factor the U.S version has already begun, and let me tell you, it is AWESOME! You need to watch it. Why? Because it is really good and it has lots of talented people this season, so I highly recommend it if you have nothing to do. 
     If you don't know what The X factor is, then, how could you not know what it is?! Despite the fact that I think it's unbelievable that you wouldn't know what it is, I will explain it anyways. So, the x factor is a show in which people who believe have talent to sing, or rap go and audition. There are four judges, and this seasons' judges are Simon Cowell, L.A. Reed, Britney Spears, and Demi Lovato. If the person or group of people auditioning get at least three yeses from the judges, then they pass on to the next round, bootcamp. If they don't get three yeses or more (4 yeses being the maximum amount of yeses you can get), then they don't pass. 
     Enough with explaining what it is though, so back to trying to persuade you to watch it, you should watch it. Just trust me on this one, it is not a waste of time and you won't regret it. But, for the people who do watch it, who is your favorite and who do you think will win? :)

Image taken from google

4X4 Super Powerful Camera

By: German Paredes

The GoPro Company create a super mega powerful camera where you can put  this camera everywhere. The GoPro would film everything in HD (High Definition).  The GoPro is one of the most powerful cameras ever made in history. Many people that practice extreme sports use GoPro to film their sport. The good thing about the GoPro is that you can use it underwater, because it's waterproof. This camera is for everyone, many people use it for movies, for cooking, and also Djs' use the GoPro for filming their sets.

GoPro had created 3 cameras, Hero 1, Hero 2, and the new 4X4 the most powerful one the Hero 3. This camera. Hero 3, is going to evolve media in all perspectives. The Hero 3 includes a new movement of 360 degrees where it spins in 360 degrees and it films everything you want to into 360 degrees. This camera also includes HQ (High Quality of Sound) where you can hear everything around you in HQ. What makes this camera awesome is the full HD (High DEfinition) this camera film in 1080p, and 720p. You think that this camera it's big, but is not that big this camera its super light, and you can put it everywhere you want to.

If you had this camera what would you film? If you practice any sport, would you buy this camera and would you use it to film yourself?


The Smurfs

Have you ever wondered how many smurfs there are or where they come from or who made them. Well the smurfs are a bunch of blue comic characters created in 1958 by Peyo who was a Belgian artist.   In total there are 101 smurfs according to the TV show. Papa smurf had 99 sons and 1 daughter, Smurfette of course. She was created by Gargamel to walk into the smurf village and ruin it but papa smurf made her good instead of bad. There are many smurfs and each of them is named after the characteristics than they show after birth. The smurfs have many enemies there biggest one being Gargamel. They also have friends like Johanne and Pewit and mother nature. Smurfs have become increasingly popular since there move debut in 2011.
Picture taken from Google Images

Gabriel Diaz

What is a Machinima

Image taken from ovguide.com

A machinima is a film such as a show or a small movie that is made by using videogames. The characters of the film are played the in game avatar then they are put together with audio recorded separately.

This is a great way to film many things considering that in real life films it would be very hard to blow up a helicopter or take down a building but in videogames it’s something that you see daily.          
The videogames that has had the most machinimas made are the games from the halo franchise. This is not surprising do to the ability to customize your character, drive and pilot vehicles, put your weapon down (something way more useful than it sounds) and customize and create in game areas. Halo also has a theater mod which allows you to be a camera that flies over old games.

Machinimas don’t have to be short skirts and movies. The longest running web series is a machinma, it’s called Red vs. Blue and it has had 10 years of yearly seasons. They are now in the 19th episode of season 10 and it’s just as good as the day it begun.

Gabriel Rodriguez

Epic Rap Battles of History!

Image taken from vgboxart.com

The “Epic Rap Battles of History” are a series of YouTube videos created by NicePeter and EpiLLOYD. The first Epic Rap Battle was John Lennon vs. Bill O’Reilly and it was made way back in the 26th of September 2010. 
Over the Years they’ve had characters from videogames, to movies, to TV shows and more often than not, real people. The two characters that are battling each other can be related to each other such as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to people that have nothing in common such as the Easter bunny and Genghis Khan. This is mostly do because the two contenders are chosen by the fans. There is also no decisive winner, it’s only who you think did the best job at being awesome.
They now have a total of 22 Battles and there is no end in sight.  Let’s all hope they never ever end. EVER.

Gabriel Rodriguez 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Staring Prank


LAHWF is a creative group that makes videos for entertainment purposes and go out to people to make funny pranks. His name is Andrew Hales and in this particular video they stare at random people for a certain amount of time without speaking to them in a very creepy way, but its really funny. They are really creative when it comes down to pulling pranks of people. I recommend you guys check out his channel and other videos! Tell me what you think of him! Is he creative?

Funny post by Di Hwang!

Friday, October 12, 2012

The First Freefall from The Space

by German Paredes

Felix Baumgartner is a professional Skydiver from Austria. He is going 
to make history  12 of October 2012. Felix Baumgartne has won
 many trophies for being the best freefaller around the world. Although,
he wants to make a drastic step to make history, he is going to freefall
from the space.   Redbull and Nasa are helping Felix to accomplish
his dreamt to fall from the space and be the first to fall from the space. 

Felix Baumgartner, is going to be the first person to break sound barrier. With 
the help of the Nasa and Redbull, they create a special space suit where 
Felix can jump and break the sound barrier without any problem or without 
any technical problem. A spacial hot air ballon that the NASA create for 
Felix is going to take him to the space where Felix is going to jump.

My question is, if you can be Felix Baumgartner, How would you feel 
being the first person to freefall from the space and be the first person 
that is going to break the sound barrier? What would you do days 
before falling from space?

Watch the Vide. Enjoy

Glass Hermit Crab

Picture taken from google

So recently hermit crabs have become increasingly popular among house hold pets. And even more if they have a glass shell! The shells are made of blown glass and are perfectly suitable for a hermit crab to live in. The shells come in various colors and sizes and can even be decorated. The prices range from $20 to $120 depending on what size and specifications you pick. The amazing artist who made these shells is Robert Dugrenier. He has been blowing glass for over 30 years. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the art of blowing glass, it is when large sheets or poles of glass are heated and shaped by using a series of blowing and moving with metal tongs. He has made around 50 shells accommodating 
them specifically for a hermit crab without making any harm. He has even made shells that are infused with gold, silver, or bronze making beautiful works of art. 
Would you buy a a shell for your hermit crab like this?

CC image courtesy of Glassshell.com
Gabriel Diaz

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Best Comedian in the World!

This is Kevin Hart. He has appeared in several movies such as Scary Movie 4, The Five-Year Engagement, Think Like a Man, Drillbit Taylor, and many more. He is 157 cm tall and I mention it because of his stand-up comedy show. Basically, what he does is make people laugh, obviously, but in such a way that he sounds self-deprecating to amuse the audience. As a comedian, I personally think he is the best out there because he puts into comedy his life experiences and reenacts them as entertaining as possible. Kevin Hart is truly a comedy legend, selling out in many shows all around the world, and getting as many as +1,000,000 views. Watch the video if you'd like, but don't watch it at school. Don't recommend it. Post what you think of him! Is he really the greatest comedian of all time? Why is he so funny? Let me know!

Awesome post by Di Hwang!