Friday, October 19, 2012


The Smurfs

Have you ever wondered how many smurfs there are or where they come from or who made them. Well the smurfs are a bunch of blue comic characters created in 1958 by Peyo who was a Belgian artist.   In total there are 101 smurfs according to the TV show. Papa smurf had 99 sons and 1 daughter, Smurfette of course. She was created by Gargamel to walk into the smurf village and ruin it but papa smurf made her good instead of bad. There are many smurfs and each of them is named after the characteristics than they show after birth. The smurfs have many enemies there biggest one being Gargamel. They also have friends like Johanne and Pewit and mother nature. Smurfs have become increasingly popular since there move debut in 2011.
Picture taken from Google Images

Gabriel Diaz

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