Saturday, October 20, 2012

Live While We're Young

Hello everyone. One Direction’s new song is called “Live While We’re Young”. It’s the new single that came out September 20th. I remember that when I first saw it, which was the day it came out, there were already about 5000 or more views, because that is how much they are loved around the world. Me, being a big fan of One Direction, love the song. The video is only showing them singing and they’re at some kind of place. It’s just them doing things that show how much they love to be young and they want to be young forever. Here in the video it’s a little weird because here they are doing “weird” dance moves, singing their hearts out and splashing water onto the camera. If you are a directioner, you should know that they are beautiful and a bit crazy at times, but no matter how weird they are, they’re One Direction. Just watch the video please!!! You don’t have to but I guess it’d be nice. And think what you think just don’t be insulting them around us huge fans. So yeah, just watch the video and then you can go along with your “normal” life. Don’t feel bad if you liked the video, because you are definitely not the only one who does.

-Ivette Galvez

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