Friday, October 19, 2012

4X4 Super Powerful Camera

By: German Paredes

The GoPro Company create a super mega powerful camera where you can put  this camera everywhere. The GoPro would film everything in HD (High Definition).  The GoPro is one of the most powerful cameras ever made in history. Many people that practice extreme sports use GoPro to film their sport. The good thing about the GoPro is that you can use it underwater, because it's waterproof. This camera is for everyone, many people use it for movies, for cooking, and also Djs' use the GoPro for filming their sets.

GoPro had created 3 cameras, Hero 1, Hero 2, and the new 4X4 the most powerful one the Hero 3. This camera. Hero 3, is going to evolve media in all perspectives. The Hero 3 includes a new movement of 360 degrees where it spins in 360 degrees and it films everything you want to into 360 degrees. This camera also includes HQ (High Quality of Sound) where you can hear everything around you in HQ. What makes this camera awesome is the full HD (High DEfinition) this camera film in 1080p, and 720p. You think that this camera it's big, but is not that big this camera its super light, and you can put it everywhere you want to.

If you had this camera what would you film? If you practice any sport, would you buy this camera and would you use it to film yourself?

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