Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Best Comedian in the World!

This is Kevin Hart. He has appeared in several movies such as Scary Movie 4, The Five-Year Engagement, Think Like a Man, Drillbit Taylor, and many more. He is 157 cm tall and I mention it because of his stand-up comedy show. Basically, what he does is make people laugh, obviously, but in such a way that he sounds self-deprecating to amuse the audience. As a comedian, I personally think he is the best out there because he puts into comedy his life experiences and reenacts them as entertaining as possible. Kevin Hart is truly a comedy legend, selling out in many shows all around the world, and getting as many as +1,000,000 views. Watch the video if you'd like, but don't watch it at school. Don't recommend it. Post what you think of him! Is he really the greatest comedian of all time? Why is he so funny? Let me know!

Awesome post by Di Hwang!

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