Monday, October 22, 2012

Emblem 3

By: Arige Mubarak

Hellooooooo! So, while I was watching the x factor the other day, this group called emblem 3 went and auditioned. They auditioned with an original song called Sunset Boulevard. It was awesomeeeeee! i liked it, and apparently, so did the judges. This group consists of three guys, one is 19, the other one is 18 and the youngest one is 15. I really like this group and I think they might actually be in the competition for a long time, which is good because if they got voted off, i would be sad. And trust me, after you listen to their audition and their other covers, you would be sad too. And i am having a really hard time writing this post because i have no idea of what else i could possibly add about them. Just watch the video below, then go on youtube and look for their other videos, especially this one ( so that you can hear all of their voices :) and then after watching that video, you will want to watch other videos and you will procrastinate. Good luck :) But, before I leave and start watching videos on Youtube, do you like them as much as i do? And, how far do you think they will be in the competition for? Tell me what you think!

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