Friday, October 26, 2012

George Watsky

Do you ever feel like there is no good music out there any more? If you’re anything like me then the answer is yes. So if you ever feel hopeless and depressed about today’s music you should check out George Watsky.

Watsky is a hip-hop artist who often also does standup poetry and comedy hip-hop. Watsky was born in September15, 1986. He has been doing poetry and rapping since high school and entertaining us, or at least me, for a long time now.

Most of his fame comes from the interwebs. He gained a lot of traction in January 17, 2011 when he released his famous video, “Pale Kid raps fast” which has been renamed to “Watsky raps fast.” “Watsky raps fast” has almost 22 million views today and has been on this very blog.

But Watsky has been doing music and poetry for way, way more than that. It’s definitely totally worth it to go check him out. He is surprisingly unknown for an artist of his talent so you should go check him out and tell all your friends. And I mean all your friends, especially your grandmother, and your pets.

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