Friday, October 26, 2012

Dogs are Best Buddies

By: German Paredes

Many people have a dog at home, and people takes them as part of the family. 
But you know that dogs are the best pets ever, because are very loyal. 
Dogs can be the best friends ever, for example many dogs are helpful for 
people who have disabilities. These dogs are trained for people 
who need help. But there are dogs that are trained to be loyal,
or helpful. 

I have seen that when a dog grows up with a human baby, they dog 
and the baby starts to grow feeling for each other. And when they 
are young they are going to be the best friends. They are 
going to share a lot of activities they like. There are dogs
that like too surf, play soccer, skydive and other many things. 

When a dog have strong feeling for a person, the dog would 
protect him, and the dog would consider the person 
his boss. And the dog would do everything to make his 
boss happy, and vice versa. The dog would try to go everywhere 
his boss is going.  

I recommend everyone to take care your dog, if you have one. 
Think about this, dogs are living things, they have feelings.
So, if you were the dog and your dog your boss,
would you like the way your dog treat you?

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