Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Gangman Style

The Gangman Style! Most of you must have heard this song. It is on the radio, TV, and, well, it is pretty much everywhere. This song has its own choreography and I bet that you have probably tried to do it. If you have not tried this, than you should! It's really fun! You are probably going to fail the first few times, but you'll get it. It is not that hard. Meanwhile, just take a look at this video. It is Britney Spears at the Ellen Show with Simon Cowell. She is trying to do the  the Gangman Style and she is doing it with heels! That just makes it funny! Still, she has the best teacher ever: Psy from Korea! I think he is a really funny guy. What do you think about him? Anyways, look at the expression on Britney's face. She is lost!

Gaby Maldonado


  1. This song is almost everywhere. Well maybe sometime, we should make a "Equity style".... I think it is like a miracle that this man, who was unpopular in his country, to become popular around the world, including Korea.

  2. I agree with HaNuel, this song is everywhere! It´s actually amazing how his song, and him, became so famous because of a dance choreography, well the song is kind of catchy, in my opinion, but it´s worth listening to. But still, I believe he has more success because of the choreography than the song. I think he´s a pretty cool guy that must be incredibly happy to be so popular. As for Britney learning the dance step in heels, I just have to say, good luck.