Friday, September 21, 2012

The most hated thing for middle schoolers

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THE MOST HATED VIKING IS HERE! Ten thumbs, a program used to learn how to type and type fast on computers, according to Miss. Vary has been bothering 7th and 8th grade, SINCE 2004! This program uses ten minutes of our peaceful, fun, and amazing ICT time. Without this app we would have more time to work in more interesting stuff like how to program computer or use them like a hacker, like a boss. 

Even though the hated app has given me really hard times I feel it has helped me to type faster, and nowadays that is a really important when getting a job. I have never heard, I repeat NEVER HEARD! that someone actually likes to do this. But everything that starts has to somehow end unless is a science book, they are really long, so don't worry that much about ten thumbs because you won't have to do them after 8th grade YEAH!! So 8th grade we can make it until next year, but 7th grade I'm sorry about you. What do you think about ten thumbs??

Really cool and amazing post by Cesar Benito.


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  2. I was in 9th grade and I was still using 10 thumbs!! I know, that's not like a boss, but oh well, I guess it helped me, because, like you, I type faster now. My brother is so jealous that I type fast, that every time I'm using the computer, he starts typing really fast, but he's not really typing anything, he's just pressing keys -____-