Thursday, September 6, 2012

Can Music Help You Work?

CC image courtesy of Tim Geers on Flickr

  Scientists had proven that music can help you study because it relaxes your mind and you would start to concentrate better in what you are doing. Even though we all like our own music, the best songs that can help you study is classic music like Mozart effects because this types of music make you relax. But it really doesn’t matter what music you listen the thing that matters is that you are concentrated in your work. For some people music can”t be the best thing to listen to  because they will probably go off track on what they are doing and lose their concentration. If you concentrate with music the best thing to do is wear headphones so you can actually get to hear the music but in another side people do not like using headphones because they can not listen to their own thoughts. The only thing that will be hard to do with music is reading because its hard to concentrate when you read and hear music. I knew a person that was in a test and she was listening to a song and at the end she ended up putting the lyrics as the answer.


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