Thursday, February 21, 2013

Powerful Message

This is a project made by Shane Koyczan with the help of a lot of professional and talented people. The video has a very powerful message and is a project to go against bullying. The video is very well done with perfect match soundtracks and incredible dialogue. His words are just amazing and explains the video as it follows: he reminds society what people hear when growing up, however, when life seems so hopeless and deteriorated, we realize that life is fair and we meet another girl who was also beaten down so much who could not hurt anyone else, we also learn why she is special and particularly awesome, and opens the world to all of those who are being bullied to hear this. My favorite part if when he says that the definition of beauty starts with "mom" because mom is beauty and only mothers can understand the pain and give a child their unconditional love. This video is truly inspiring. MUST WATCH! Let me know what you guys think!!! Tell me what is your favorite part, quote, or scene!

- Di Hwang

1 comment:

  1. I like it when he says it has less to do with pain and more to do with beauty. It kind of shows kids that are bullied that they do have beauty.