Monday, February 11, 2013

When will you die?

 I warn you ahead of time: Don't try this if you tend to get scared- I mean, worried easily by these type of things. You have been warned, so if something happens to you, I hold no responsibility over it. 

                                         Proceed At Your Own Risk.

This, is "The Death Clock." It is one of the many sites which provide you with an estimated time of when you will probably die, and how much time you have left, based on your age, BMI, and current health status (such as if you are a smoker or not). Apparently, I'll die in July 22nd, 2071. Yay, I guess.
If you're worrying about security risks, don't worry. The information you put here is basic, and nothing really personal, except your date of birth. Though, if you still worry, then don't try it.
                                Point is, if you want to know when you might die...
                                                         Try it out.
                                  By the time I finished typing this, I had 
                                           1,844,044,553 seconds left to live.
                                         Click here to go to the site.

By: Kijoon Jeong/Jung
9th Grade

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  1. I am going to live longer than you Ki Joon. According to the clock my personal day of death is Thursday, February 21, 2092. This means that I would be 105 years old when I die, how awesome is that?

    By the time I finished writing this I still have 2,493,383,560