Friday, February 22, 2013

PlayStation 4

If you did not know, a new big thing is coming in November of this year. Is the new PlaySation 4, it is a new thing in a console, is like you have the future in front of you. PlayStation 4 is the what now everyone is waiting for, if you are thiking of buying something, I recommend you to buy the new PlayStation 4. Why? Because it has a lot of new awesome games like Diablo 3, who does not know about Diablo 3. Watch Dog, It is an awesome game that with an Iphone you can hack everything you want. KillZone, It is just an awesome war game. Even Bangie the creators of Halo are making a new special game only for PS4, I think nothing can beat it. And they also changed the controllers, they are bigger, and it has a screen of it. Guys juts buy it, I think not even the Xbox 720, I do not how would the Xbox 720 will be, but one thing I am sure about, it is not going to beat the new PS4 neither the Xbox 360 can beat the new PS4. And it will only cost $500, that is really cheap. So....

Are you going to buy it?

By: Jorge Paredes

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