Monday, September 9, 2013

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monster

                                                                                                                               Anas Shuman
                                                                                                                              8th grade

 Percy Jackson the Sea of Monster is a great book and movie, unless you read the book. This movie is the second as you may know, but if you read the book the movie as no detail in the movie. If you just watched the movie then that doesn't matter for you. Though the movie wasn't all that great some parts contained funny moments and amazing action scenes, such as (spoiler alert) like when luke falls off of Percy 's wave when he is escaping from the yacht. Also a part in this movie shows that Percy has a half brother called Tyson who is a cyclopes. This movie did get many scenes incorrect like when he get the choice to either preserve or raze olympus, meaning to save or destroy olympus. The movie may have been short and even though you Percy Jackson fans didn't like it, in my opinion I would recommend to read all the books then watch the movies, then you see how irritating it is when a movie doesn't include the correct detail. So the movie is worth watching if you like fantasy and adventure and if you didn’t read all the books which totally worth reading.


  1. I definitely need to read the book! I was so disappointed to watch the second movie before reading the first two books. Though, I still liked the second movie, and I will understand why it wasn't that good once I read the books.

  2. The books are amazing and they should be read before watching the movie. The movie was alright but they changed so much of it. It was as if it wasn't based on the book at all. The kept some of the details from the book but barely any.

  3. Well, I read the book. But I really didn't like it. It is just because I don't like those kind of genre. Like hero stuff. But I haven't watch movie... I just watched first one. But is it only me that characters seem different than before?

  4. I like the Percy Jackson books, but I heard the movie of Sea of Monsters is really bad, and that they changed a lot from the book. The animations are really good and that the actors got really in their rolls. I want to watch he movie so then I can judge it, because I liked the book and when I saw the trailer, they changed things from the book.

  5. I also like the Percy Jackson books and I want to watch this movie. The effects look pretty good such as that giant red devil-like guy and the unicorn in the water, but I think the movie's scenes are way different to the book's descriptions because according to my memory, there wasn't any giant devil in the book.