Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Music and Dance

Michelle Garcia
taken from Google Images
7th grade

Many people love music like my friends and I. It doesn’t matter what type of music you or your friends like. It is all about having fun hearing what you like. If a friend ask you to hear something, go ahead and hear it maybe you will like it. The music makes your emontions flow. It also makes you express yourselves by dancing. When you dance, you can make your own things, just be yourself. It will always show who you are. If people judge you for what you hear, don’t pay attention it is all about what you like.

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            Most people don’t like dancing, specially my friends and I. I know a lot of people love to dance like the Jazz group of the school. A lot of them are very good at dancing. Dance is making unique steps for you and for your friends. You can make all what you need to make a new dance like the music and the steps. If you look up steps you can learn more steps. Any way if you dance well or not you gotta have FUN!!!!!


taken from Google Images

If you don’t like music or dance you are CRAZY!!!!!! Everyone loves music or dance.


  1. I love to listen to music! It is my one solace that keeps me going. Sometimes, I can't even imagine how I would get by without music. Like you said, the music you listen to makes you the person you are! I think it is wonderful how easy it is to hear music with internet. Likewise, you can find new music just by looking around a bit! In fact, that is how I have found some of my absolute favorite music artists. Music is so powerful. Not only the message that is laced through the lyrics, but the music as well can move someone profoundly. I have a strong passion for music. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I agree with what you said. :) Music is has had such a profound influence and impact on my life. I don't know what I would be like without it, haha. Sometimes it can be the only way for you to get your emotions and feelings out. I love playing the piano, and many days I will find myself just sitting down and playing it for hours! It's very relaxing for me. Like you said it's nice to branch out and try to hear new genres of music. I couldn't agree more! Nice topic! :)

  3. I totally agree, everyone loves music and if they don't, they should be sent to the dungeon! (hehe I love Harry Potter!) Anyway, I feel that music helps unite a group of people. Like when you're at a party, you won't stop dancing with your friends because the DJ put a song you don't like. You'll obviously keep on dancing because you don't want to be the only werido leaving the dance floor alone.

  4. Music is great! I wish we could listen to music in school. Although it is kind of hard wanting to sing along to a song but not being able too...I hate when I'm at party and there is that one group of people who wont dance because they think they're better than the songs or whatever. But it is kind of hard dancing because it can be awkward.

  5. Hello Michelle,
    Great post btw!
    I couldn't help but notice that you said too many generalizations.
    What's bad about this is that its an invalid form of argumentation, as which you were using.
    I'm not saying that I don't make this mistake, believe me we all, thats why i try to avoid people using generalizations.
    Don't get me wrong, this is positive reinforcement so you'll benefit from it :D
    Have a nice day.

  6. I could not agree more, for me its electronic music, that music which keeps us together and is filled with emotions and feeling. I also value you comment that it does not matter what type of music we listen to, if we like it and appreciate it why not. We also have to learn to like all type of music from jazz to classical to electronic , they are all an art of beauty.