Friday, January 13, 2012

Libya’s terror continues By.Sebastian Kong

Just when Libya’s problems were gone after Gadhafi was killed, thousands of surface to air missiles have gone missing. They were stolen from unguarded military warehouses. These missiles are heat-seekers making it a high threat to all civilian aircraft. These missiles lock on the engines and very accurately take out the target. There are presumed to be 20,000 missiles missing and officials are working on a solution.

The U.S. military do are not giving information on how much progress they have made on finding the missiles. The biggest and most feared occasion is that Al-Quada may be in possession of many of these missiles and it is believed to be possible that they can successfully smuggle them out of Libya posting a huge threat to the U.S." Matching up a terrorist with a shoulder-fired missile, that's our worst nightmare," said Sen. Barbara Boxer, D.-California, a member of the Senate's Commerce, Energy and Transportation Committee.

The U.S. have known about this for about six months and Libya now have protection on their planes. It is something that is attached to the bottom of the plane. It is said to be able to detect an incoming missile almost instantly and shoot a laser that hit the missile and leading it away from the plane. They are mainly giving this to the planes that travel oversees and that there are over 500 planes. This was estimated to cost about six billion dollars to equip and maintain the systems.

The U.S. are sending more people to Libya so they may continue the hunt for the missiles. "We're making great progress and we expect in the coming days and weeks we will have a much greater picture of how many are missing," Shapiro said.


  1. I wonder were those missiles are. If they are really on the hands of Al-Quada, then Lybya should fear that he will do bad to the country.

  2. Seriously.. I think someday.. the world is going to end! Too many crazy people in the world. What thoughts they have in their mind!!!??

  3. I think someday world might end because of all the amazing weapons that the people are creating... These creation may be just created to kill many people and win in the battle, but its effects are HUGE. It is destroying us, our nature, and our future. I really think less wars=less weapons=brighter future :)

  4. I really agree with Ji Eun there are too many crazy people on this world...It is incredible to see all the different weapons that different countries are creating. Also This affects not only one country, but the whole earth as well. they produce so much Greenhouse gases that destroy our environment. Why don't they think about the earth more and less about the wars!?

  5. That is other bad thing of the world because if Libya has problems, is probably every country in the world can has the same problem