Monday, February 2, 2015

The U.S. helps Ukraine Instead of Russia

U.S. was aiding Russia with guns against terrorism.  Late 2014, they were working together so that terrorism would end or have a less impact.  This bound has been deteriorating due to the Syrian civil war and the imminent war between Ukraine and Russia.  Pro-Russian rebels has been continuously attacking Ukraine for the simple fact that they want that piece of land.  Now the U.S. wants to help Ukraine instead of Russia. The U.S. will help Ukraine with anti-tanks, missiles and many other anti, as a way to protect the Ukraine country against the Russia rebels.  This is very dangerous since both sides, U.S. and Russia, knows that they can end up in the war.  The U.S. keeps giving excuses to why they will do this, but basically they are aiding the enemy of their enemy, in other words, they are insitatinng provoking a war with someone that they might not be able to handle.

As I said in my last post, U.S. is lowering the prices of petroleum in big amounts.  This is also very dangerous since they are making Russia angry for no reason.  The U.S. is slowly adding up many problems with other countries that at some point, they will have to face it.


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