Friday, November 2, 2012

Flat Earth Society !?

What if I told you there is an entire society formed around the belief that the Earth is flat. You would probably call me a liar. Surprisingly I'm not a liar, well, not this time.

There is actualy something called the flat earth society. I went to the the flat earth wiki to get some information on them. I found this very interesting paragraph. "Throughout the years it has become a duty of each Flat Earth Society member, to meet the common Round Earther in the open, avowed, and unyielding rebellion; to declare that his reign of error and confusion is over; and that henceforth, like a falling dynasty, he must shrink and disappear, leaving the throne and the kingdom of science and philosophy to those awakening intellects whose numbers are constantly increasing, and whose march is rapid and irresistible. The soldiers of truth and reason of the Flat Earth Society have drawn the sword, and ere another generation has been educated and grown to maturity, will have forced the usurpers to abdicate. Like the decayed and crumbling trees of an ancient forest, rent and shattered by wind and storm, the hypothetical philosophies, which have hitherto cumbered the civilized world, are unable to resist the elements of experimental and logical criticism; and sooner or later must succumb to their assaults. The axe is uplifted for a final stroke - it is about to fall upon the primitive sphere of the earth, and the blow will surely 'cut the cumberer down!'"
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For me the most surprising thing about that paragraph is that this people actually know what the internet is. They also answered why the water doesn't simply fall of earth. Apparently the south pole forms a ring around the earth preventing the water to fall off, yeah. So this is pretty crazy, what is the craziest thing you've ever heard of. Post them in the comments so my I feel even worse about humanity, but I doubt it's gonna be worse than the flat earth society.

Gabriel Rodriguez

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