Monday, November 19, 2012


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BY: Ricardo Quinones

      What do you think about a difficiency that can really affect you. I have studied this through my observations and have reached these outcomes.  The weakness of over-thinking sets a complete new problem to our lives. Over thinking is no longer the process of thinking correctly instead we are now creating ideas and probabilities that confuse us.  There is no benefit to over thinking as there is for thinking, period. I say all this for past experiences in life and on a golf course. Similar outcomes of result have turned to be. This is not a problem only for me but for every human being in the planetThe weakness of over thinking is a goal in life we all strive to ignore and fight back. It is not positive for it only causes confusion.  What experts in life from the most highly intelligent and sport like men and women in this world I can tell you they have been able to control this weakness of over thinking and that is why they have been so successfully in their lives. Do You Agree With me YES? or NO?

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