Monday, November 12, 2012

Dora the Explorer - Movie Trailer

Hey! So many of you people have probably heard of CollegeHumor before. If you haven't, it's this awesome website that makes really comic videos, just about the most random things ever. They're really high quality too, both acted and animated. Many of your younger siblings, or cousins, or even you, have watched the Dora the Explorer tv show. It's about this little girl called Dora, who goes on a "mission" to catch Swiper the fox who committed some sort of crime, and she has a talking backpack and map that help her. Like most children's tv shows, the characters "ask" the kids watching the show to help them find something. This video is really funny because it is a movie trailer for Dora the Explorer, but a more 'realistic' version of it, and it shows how ridiculous it would be if children's shows were actual movies. The ones who made this video are very creative, and the actors are good too. Watch the video, tell me what you think about it, and if this makes you want to watch the other CollegeHumor videos.

By: Adriana Sánchez (12th)

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