Friday, January 17, 2014

Faking It by José Keenan

José Keenan is an independent artist that produces awesome songs. Gabriella Loosle, a 11th grader of Equity American School recommended me few days ago a song called "Faking It" by José Keenan. This song is really calm, but also rhythmical. The link below is a page that you can hear his music and if you like, you can 'thumbs up' his song. Try to listen. It is really good.

Faking It by José Keenan

Kye Ri Park


  1. I listened to one of his songs recently. He definitely knows how to compose music, and a great artist from my point of view. I was told that he knows how to play almost every instrument and that is pretty amazing. The rhythm of his music is tripy like, a great tempo for doing homework.

  2. I started listening to Jose Keenan because of Gaby as well, and I think he´s a talented musician. My favourite one is Devil Don´t Know. He´s pretty great.

  3. I also started listening to Jose Keenan because Gaby recommended me to listen to his music! I like his music, it's calm and relaxing I guess. He's pretty talented! I'm looking forward to listen more to his music!