Friday, January 31, 2014

Mango Worms

First of all, don't watch the video if you are weak with abhorrence things.
The video might contain disgusting scenes that can bother you.

Have you heard about Mango Worms?
Their scientific name is "Cordylobia Anthropophaga".
Those mango flies lay eggs on the washing when it is hung outside or on the ground. If the clothes are no ironed, the eggs are not killed, so when people wear those clothes with eggs, the eggs hatch and burrows under the skin. Also, when mammal animals such as dogs or cats play on the ground, they can have mango flies' eggs thrust inside their skin. The body starts itching after 3 days and the worms inside the body starts to grow. According to Yahoo, the worst thing is that they can actually feel the worms moving inside the body. 

What I found from some videos, those worms can grow until their size is similar to a chubby thumb. 

Be careful with your pets playing outside and you wearing your clothes. 

Please, don't blame me putting these videos. There was nothing to write today...hahaha.

I have warn you! The video is really disgusting, hahaha. 

Kye Ri Park


  1. My dogs had those worms too. They weren't in any pain or anything but you do have to be careful with your pets because the worms can spread to you too.

  2. It was disgusting. The second video was even more worse. Will have to be really careful with them.

  3. It was delightful to watch such an intense operation. I am extremely sad for the poor animals though. After watching this let e tell you that the first thing I will do is go back home and tell my parents about that way we can protects are pets from the mango worms.

  4. EEEEEWWWWW!!!! Since you told me about them in lunch (I was still eating), I was disgutsted. I can't think of having this gross mango worms inside of me! Good thing my clothes are all ironed.

  5. Ahhh I watched these videos right before lunch, I could not stop thinking about them. They were so gross. I hate it, it is the grossest thing ever. But when it was lunch time I tried to avoid thinking of the worms and I still ate because I was starving. The one I hate the most is the one of the dog because the worms of the monkey look like an animal that is from the beach and it is not that disgusting. I hate these videos so much!

  6. Poor dog and monkey. Those things inside of the monkey neck msut have hurt so bad to get out of a small hole in this monkey's neck.