Friday, January 10, 2014

A Korean Song Being Issued by Pleasurizing

A song called "I got C" by Geumury (with Meong Soo Park) was being issued by pleasurizing an another song from Caro Emerald called "Liquid Lunch". The song was made from a TV program called "Infinite Challenge" in Korea. From the start that this song was showed to people, many people liked it and it rapidly became popular. However, after it was discovered that the song has pleasurized a song from Caro Emerald, it called more attention and was a hot issue in Korea. Watch the videos below and see if those songs sounds really similar to you or not. For me, they sound like English version and Korean version of the same song.

by. Kye Ri Park


  1. Yep, they sound pretty dang similar. It's like One Direction ripping off Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me" in their song "Midnight Memories". Basically the same song. There's a fair amount of plagiarism in the music industry.

  2. Hello Kye Ri! I'd like to note out that "Pleasurizing" is not a word.
    I'm sure you meant the word "plagiarism."
    According to Google this is the definition given;
    the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.

  3. Both of the songs do sound alike and it does sound like they actually plagiarized it. I like the korean song better because I guess it has like a little bit of more rhythm than the English version.

  4. HAHAHAHAH THIS IS HILARIOUS,because i have no idea what the korean song says... I think they should pay up, but i dont like either song.. so i don't really care... I mean don't plagiarize, but its not that bad unless the lyrics are the same.

  5. Both songs do sound similar, but I got to agree with Marcia that the korean version is better. It was wrong for them to copy the original version, but I think that in the end they made it better.