Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Surprises After Judging

This video is from a British woman named Susan Boyle. You have probably already heard about her, because she's just that famous. But, when she was auditioning for The X- Factor, everyone critiqued her when she said she wanted to be a famous singer. Now a days, people judge singers by the way they look. Many people like certain singers because of their looks. Susan is not the must pretty woman that you can find, so the audience and judges thought she was being ridiculous.
She didn't pay mind to the laughs that where being heard, she just sang a very hard song, I Dreamed A Dream, from the musical Les Miserables. After singing, everyone regreted doubting her, because she left them all speechless.
I think that Susan's story is the perfect example of society's misjudgment at first sight. You have to really get to know someone's story to judge them, because they can surprise you in the end, like Susan Boyle did.
What do you think of this video? Did it teach you anything? If it did, what was it?

By: Pablo (11th)

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