Friday, April 19, 2013

Youtube...No way to explain.

Any of you fairly familiar to youtube should know that there are various "places" in youtube. One of the most famous of these parts would be "The weird part of youtube" where it is quite easy to get to if one starts randomly browsing through suggested videos one by one. You eventually end up following the chain until arriving into that "weird part" of youtube, and trust me, you'll know once you get there.

Out of all these many "places," there's the "cute-mood place" where people go to watch videos filled with...well, "cuteness" I guess. Really, it's rather weird how so many people come to this part.
One great example would be this video, called "Surprised kitty."
BASICALLY, it's just a cat acting surprised. Yup.
Guess how many views it's got?

a bit more than 69 million. 


A video of a kitty, 69 million. 

Oh, and to make things better...A video of a cat having it's first experience on snow also has gotten enough attention to be considered part of this cute viral zone. 
4 million views.

Really, sometimes I do wonder if youtube is filled with people who love cuteness, fluff, and all that, with people who have a weird interest in weird things, with people who love explosions and Michael Bay, or people who love being ignorant and rather a tiny bit dumb.

Ah, youtube.
Such a wonderful place isn't it?


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