Friday, April 19, 2013

Ferrari cars are pee on?

Well, I am assuming most of you must have seen this video as it's one which got the spotlight in the youtube homepage for quite a while (both for youtube logged in users and guests). Yet. I do feel that maybe some might have not seen it, so why not put it here?

This channel has over one hundred videos, and he seems to like pranking people quite a lot. By this, he also seems to like to give his own little share of justice to the ones who deserve it (you'll see what I mean). 

He sees a car, and not any particular car, rather, a Ferrari, parked in a handicap spot without anything saying that the owner is handicapped, so he decides to teach the owner a lesson by pretending to pee on the car, when in fact it was just a bottle of water with a hole in the top. 

To be honest, I cannot blame the reaction of the owner by watching someone "pee" on his precious car, yet I do believe that his arguments were quite foolish. "But you were parked in a handicapped zone!" "It's.,'s a Ferrari!" Right, so owning a Ferrari suddenly grants you rights to do anything you want, right?

anyways, enjoy the video, as I'm sure that the majority of the viewers did. 


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  1. I already watched the video, and all I can say is that the guy's reaction of getting mad from seeing someone is peeing in his ferrari is awesome. I think it was a great prank, because who will not get mad by seeing someone is peeing in a ferrari, a one million dollar car, full with a strangers pee. I would get mad too, and punch the guy even though they told me it was a prank.