Thursday, March 26, 2015

Red Bull King of The Air 2015

Ever since the beginning of kiteboarding there had been one competition that stands above the rest. The prestigious Red Bull King of The Air competition. This race doesn't many rules. The only requirement is that you have to fly as high as you can and hope that the judges counted it. It is just how it sounds. The person that shows the most commitment,  height,  technical difficulty and risk will be the champion. I really can't talk to much about this competition aside from its crazy. The champion this year is called Aaron Hadlow. He was 5 time world champion and now he is king of the air.


  1. Woah, kiteboarding is so dank, they should offer it as an elective at school because of how dank it is. The way he boarded on that kite was the dankest, also dank were his little twists and turns. That was real crazy... crazy dank.

  2. Kiteboarding is very extreme and dangerous. I think that this competition will decide who is the best. Also I think that everyone will play very competitive and try to gain the price.

  3. We all know kiteboarding is a dangerous sport , as long as you don't use the right equipment. I'm glad people enjoy this type of sports, because football, tennis, basketball, etc are not the only sports there are in the world.

    1. I agree with you Sebastian because you are rightkiteboarding is a very dangerous game and you need the right equipment to do it.

  4. The video was so cool. There were so many cool tricks like jumping off the board. Also, the winner's trophy looked really weird.