Friday, August 31, 2012


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Do you like santa? Do you like sayings about santa? I think that santa sayings like this are so funny. I mean look at his face. What i’m wandering about from the picture is what if santa dies because he has to wait till morning till he can get his antidote. I am also wondering how he is going to give the antidote to santa. You guys should really go to google images and look up funny pictures of santa. You will get pictures like this one and more. I think they are so awesome.  But i also think that some have some flaws like the one i picke. Like i said before how is Michael going to give the antidote to santa. Maybe he will mail it to the North Pole. I also wonder why send our letters to the north pole i mean how do we even know if it gets to santa. I also wonder why orphans don’t get presents from santa. I think that’s mean. Isn’t Santa supposed to bring joy to kids around the word. Then why doesn’t he give to the orphanages.  Well thats my take on the on santa. Post so then i know what you think.
   By: Ivy Ghiz

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