Friday, August 31, 2012

Gaming help or ideas

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hi my name is Anas Shuman i like to play video games and to play sports.
but i love to talk about video games and sport.
i will talk about video games . but i will talk about about other games like resident evil,
assassins creed and much more, i love to play video games if u gave me a videogame i will look at it and blog about to see if its bad or not. my favorite of all times might be call of duty but i won't be talking about that. but will love any first person shooters, fighting games,and third person shooters. i also check comments about what your favorite games is, and if you need help in on games i could put up videos on how to beat games or know the story of a game. the games know about is resident evil, call of duty ,medal of honor, red dead redemption,tekken, much more. but it doesn’t matter what console you are i might playstation 3 but i could help people who have different consoles like wii, xbox 360,playstation 3, 3ds, and dsi but if you want to know when a game comes out i could tell you the release date and the video of it if possible.

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