Friday, August 31, 2012

Slender Man

Image courtesy of paranormal pastor on google images

There is an urban legend about a really tall man in a black suit, who has tentacles, and no facial appearances. The slender man is known for killing and kidnapping usually little children. Some people here in Equity American School have known about this computer game called slender. I personally love the game but get really scared too. I learnt about it on youtube watching a video of one of my favorite youtubers Wihteboy7thStreet who plays a lot of video games. I downloaded slender About two days ago. Like you can see in the picture he lives near trees and isn't very friendly. I was really freaked out but when i played it over and over again I saw the game wasn't that scary because they don't make him as tall as he is supposed to be, so Equity , there is nothing to be scared of. Except if you’re a little kid. NAH, I am just kidding there is seriously nothing to be scared of. Well there is this one thing remember HE IS ALWAYS WATCHING YOU. PEACE Adrian Rodriguez.

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