Friday, August 31, 2012


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I love strawberry. I don’t know how I like strawberry or why but I just love the strawberry. It just taste good. The fact about the strawberry is that strawberry is red with black seeds (about 200 seeds) all over their body. Strawberry is only fruit that has seeds outside. Strawberry is the first fruit that harvest in spring. Strawberries are grown in all the United states and all the province of the canada. They also produce 21 tons of strawberry annually. They have strawberry museum in the Belgium.
Strawberries are members of rose family. More than 94 percent of US householders consume strawberries and 53 percent of 6-9 year old picked strawberry as their favorite fruit. 23,000 acres for strawberry farm. They also made strawberry soup, sour cream and powdered sugar.
Strawberries are low fat, low calorie, high VItamin C than orange, Fiber, Folic acid and Potassium. 8 strawberries has 140% calories for kids. Also help reduce the cancer & heart attack, increase the flow of blood. In a test, person who ate strawberry before they exercise, burned more calorie that person who did not.
Folklore said if you split the strawberries and share with another person, you will soon fall in love. They also figured that out the emperor Napoleon was famous for bathing in the fresh strawberry juice.  
So everyone love strawberry! Strawberry is great and awesome fruit.

By Wendy Kim

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