Friday, August 31, 2012

I'm Okay! A Message From the Boy Who Just Had Surgery

Hey, guys! I know some of you heard that I had surgery. Allow me to explain: I started feeling nauseous on Sunday, then I started having pain beneath my belly button the day after, and then my parents took me to the hospital that night where it was discovered that I had appendicitis, which almost turned into peritonitis. They had to operate on me just to figure out that my appendix was swollen.

I had to spend two-and-a-half days in the hospital doing nothing but sitting on a bed, watching TV and walking down the hospital hallways. But now I'm out of the hospital, however I'm not allowed to do strenuous activity (thank goodness!) or eat anything with lactose in it for a whole month! How am I gonna survive without chocolate ice cream for that long!?

The point is:
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So see you guys soon! I read your card! Thanks everybody!
P.S. How could I miss the field trip and Jeans Day?!

P.P.S. Dear Ms. Vary,
It would be cool if you started teaching us how to animate.

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  1. Hey Arturo, I'm glad that you are back and ok. About learning how to animate, there is a project I'm preparing for you guys involving Animation. You're gonna love it!
    Hang in there and remember that after this month you are going to be able to each all the chocolate ice cream you want!