Thursday, September 29, 2011

Which piece of music is "sad" for you?

During the orchestra period, our class always have conversation about some song and make comments on the song. Some of us have said "this song is sad," while the professor disagreed with us. So I decided to search for what was actually "sad" for most of people who enjoy classical music and I found this music from Tchaikovsky. I chose classical music because it doesn't have lyrics and it can be interpreted in different ways. As you listen to this song, what can you think that this song's flow is like? Is it sad? Is it happy? Is it exciting?
Even though I was looking for a "sad" violin concerto, I actually found this song as a dramatic piece of music because it had different changes of mood in between times. Some parts, I actually thought it was joyful, which was the opposition of what I was looking for. Thus, I think a piece of music can be interpreted very differently in different point of views.
What do you think is the mood of this song is? Why do you think music can be interpreted in many different ways?
By. HaNuel Lee


  1. I think that this song does not have a specific mood.I think that as it progresses it develops different mood so I cannot say that it only has a specific one. i think that music can be interpreted in many different ways because people think differently from one another. Their opinion is also very different because of the reason that they think is differently.

  2. Its sad but ,
    what i like the most is that i feel like in a cloud moving or playing the violin .
    like it like it!!!!!!

  3. In songs that don't have any lyric, it is hard for one to say if it is sad or not. But I think it just depends on your interpretation. Anyway, I mostly agree with what Carlota says. It is interesting to see people with different opinions.

  4. It sounds incredibly captivating. I think he didn't put the music for a reason. If you listen close enough you an hear the lyrics that you're feeling inside you.