Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fastest Toilet in the World

          Jolene Van Vugt, a 31 year old stunt woman, had made a new record in driving the fastest toilet in the world. Her toilet motor-vehicle had the velocity of 46 mph which broke the previous world record by driving four and a half miles faster. Even though some of the critic have scorned about her vehicle, but most of the people gave applause to her. Jolene Van Vugh said "Dedication is what you need to be a record breaker" I hope you to try your best even though some people criticize your work. So EAS students, if you have the chance, are you willing to ride such a vehicle on the Guatemalan street?

Soon Mo

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  1. I admire this woman, because she probably did went through a lot of critics before she could actually do what she did. All my life, I have been taught to give the best I have, and to never give up on what I wish to achieve, so I understand her, when she still kept working.