Friday, May 18, 2012

A Boy Allergic to Cold

          A seven years old Aidan is suffering from his allergy to cold, known as cold urticaria. His body reacts and cause allergies whenever he contacts anything that is colder than his body temperature. He almost never goes out to play with his friends, but when he does he covers all of his body with clothes. The doctors are also upset because they are inept to cure his allergies with current medical technology.

Soon Mo


  1. I'm not sure to what degree of severeness are his allergies, but I have two friends that are also allergic to the cold. I imagine it is a pain to have that, but as long as it is not so bad, or even lethal, I think it might be manageable.

  2. I have never heard about cold allergy, but I have heard a lot of times about sun allergy. I have a friend who gets a rash if she goes in the sun. If this boy lives a really cold place, I feel bad for him, because he probably can't go out vety often.