Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Elephant Legs" Boy?

          In Peta, Uganda, Vincent Oketch is suffering from a rare disease that caused his legs to swell immensely like elephant legs. Because of his unusual condition, the doctors have left Oketch alone without any treatment for ten years. Now he is incapable walking and can barely crawl because of swollen size. The British doctors are trying their best to cure Oketch's condition. However he is still remaining as a boy with elephant legs. I wish my best to encourage you and be cured from the disease.

Soon Mo


  1. It's awful, that nothing is being done for him. I wonder, how old is he? If he was born that way, he must have a very hard life, physically and psychologically. I wonder what exactly make his legs get so swollen, and what exactly they're filled of. Swollen tissue or some other thing?

  2. It's awful to know that there's a kid out there with a condition like this one. Especially in a place like Uganda, where I imagine that there's not so much resources to cure diseases or conditions. I wish that something could be done about him, although I understand why the doctors just left him there. I would probably do the same thing if I were a doctor and found myself in a situation that cannot be cured easily. But I would probably search for someone who can do something for that person.