Friday, January 11, 2013


Whiteboy7thst is a gamer that plays games like Call Of Duty and Battlefield. Whiteboy7thst is a famous Youtuber that has had quite a tough life. His name is Alex and he live in Milwaukee. Alex is an extremely good gamer. He likes to  call himself a gold medal championship gaming athlete. Why has he had a tough life? Well the answer is that his dad died when he was around 20. About 4 months later his mom also died and he had a rough time. A few years later his uncle died. It is very sad to hear that a lot of his family died in a few years. Not only did he have a small family but he also didn't have much money at that time. Slowly he started to progress in the YouTube community. He got so many view that he finally started making money from YouTube. After many years of hard work on his videos he finally reached one million subscribers. Alex now lives with his girlfriend Kpop(a famous YouTuber). Alex started from zero and slowly progressed to being a world famous YoTuber.

- A beast video of his

Later GOATS (greatest of all time)

By: Nicholas Mainsbridge 7th

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