Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Reduced Shakespeare Company

Most people know Shakespeare's plays to be boring, long and confusing. This group acts out Shakespeare in a fashion so that people both young and old can understand. They make Shakespeare enjoyable and comedic. They have done many of Shakespeare's plays ranging from Romeo and Juliet to Hamlet. The reduced Shakespeare company consists of men acting out various characters whether it be male or female. They try and bring the plays alive by joking around and just having fun on stage. When they act out the plays they throw in slang that is used today as a way to make in enjoyable. This company was started in 1981.  They do many different acts not only Shakespeare although they are famous for Shakespeare. I have shown this to various people and they have all laughed and claimed that it was either good or quite comical. I enjoy this thoroughly and find it easier to understand then the actual plays granted watching an act is different from reading an act. I would suggest watching this if you are bored or confused about Shakespeare. To look at the Reduced Shakespeare Company's or RSC  check out

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