Friday, January 18, 2013

"Killjoy" Police

There are some really weird laws out there, but one of the weirdest I have heard is people being threatened to be arrested for throwing a snowball. Police in the town of county Durham are now being referred to as "killjoy" because of their cautious actions. Most people think snow is harmless and think nothing of snow being thrown around but the police think not. They have threatened to arrest anyone seen throwing snow at passers by who do not wish to join in the fun and at houses or cars. They have also said that No snowball could be thrown across the road. This has limited the fun. The police later explained their reasons by posting on their face book account: "Crook Beat Team are aware that it has been snowing and that people are going to have fun in it, however if anyone is caught throwing snowballs at vehicles or onto the road, they could be arrested. Likewise, if anyone throws snowballs at person's homes or at people who do not want to be involved in the snow games, they could be arrested and it will be classed as anti-social behavior." Other people seem to agree with this safety measure. Looking from their point of view it's difficult enough to drive across a street covered in snow but with snowballs flying from every direction and some hitting the car make even more difficult. I can understands both sides of the story. It is hard to resist throwing a snowball at someone or anything really but they should respect the people around them who might not want to join in the fun of a snow day.

By: Toni A.

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