Thursday, September 11, 2014

Conspiracy Theories

One thing I've always found interesting is conspiracy theories. I love hearing about all the strange things our politicians are doing. The only thing better is finding out they are true. I have spent a lot of time trying to spot the owl/satanic mark in a dollar bill. A lot more time than I should of, and I still couldn't see anything. One time I saw a (downtrodden) Free Mason meeting place, and I fangirled out really hard. One thing thats scary is how many of these theories have turned out to be true. Remember the NSA? I was stunned when I heard that, turns out I had too much faith in the American gov. I think for he most part conspiracy theories are made by people who just want to blame something, and figure they might as well blame the president/anybody they don't like. I cant believe anybody would ever admit to being part of a conspiracy theory. If its something so implausible, not even a guy in a tinfoil hat would believe it, you might as well not admit it. Unless its let to the loss of life, which has happened a lot. In this video the most surprising part was finding out about the "owl society" or whatever its called.
By kelly CS


  1. I really didn't understand most part of it because he was talking too fast and he had a weird voice, but after that I really liked it. I don't know why but the weirdest thing of the Conspiracies, was the Iluminari Conspiracy.

  2. Some of these theories are interesting especially the 1919 world series one. I never knew players due that.