Friday, September 5, 2014

As many of you have noticed, I really like horror stories. I don't know why, theres just something so interesting about horror stories. The scarier they are, the better they tend to be. Some of my favorite ghost stores are Japanese ghost stories, because of the bloodiness and especially strangeness. Some of my two favorite Japanese ghost stories are those of the Teke-Teke and the slit mouthed woman.

One day a boy was walking home from school. While there he spotted a girl sitting in the window of a nearby school, propped up on her elbows. Calling to her he asked what she was doing there. she replied saying "Waiting for somebody." The boy decided to continue walking home. Suddenly he heard a a loud thud. It was the girl, laying like a broken toy on the cement. The boy was walking up to her, when suddenly she started moving. Screaming like a banshee she dragged herself up to the boy, pulling herself along by her elbows, leaving a bloody trail behind her. they boy tried to run, but before he could get far, she dragged herself to him and cut him in half, just like she had been cut in half by a train a few years before.

I love how strange this is. Why is the ghost sitting in the window of a school? Why is she killing people? How did she manage to drag herself to a guy on her elbows! Alas, the world will never know.

Another good ghost story is the slit mouthed woman, She appears to be a normal woman, but she also has a slit mouth, that she covers with a mask. Instead of outright killing people, she first takes off her mask and asks the victim if she's pretty. In some versions no matter what you say you get your mouth slit, and in some versions saying she's so-so is the only way to confuse her and escape.
The cool thing about this story is that for a while it was a really big thing in Japan and South Korea. According to reports, some schools only let kids leave in groups or guarded by teachers. I'm not sure how that would help, but they did it anyway. Then in South Korea, there were reports of a Woman with a red mask who used to chase children. There was also a (supposed) coroners report was found that mentioned a woman who was hit by a car while chasing children, and that somehow the accident was bad enough that she died with her mouth was ripped from ear to ear.
by Kelly


  1. Hey, about the lit mouthed woman, I know why she got the mouth all cut and opened. She first was a normal woman, then she had a friend who was jealous about the woman's beauty. The friend told the woman that she would look more beautiful if she makes her lip little bigger than she has. The woman agreed with her friend and went to have a plastic surgery. After all, the woman didn't know that her friend paid the doctor to cut the woman's lip till it opens up to the ears. The doctor purposely used a not strong seal. After the surgery, the woman finds out that there was something wrong with her face. She suicides in the hospital and as a ghost, just goes around to do the same thing to the people.

  2. My favorite story was the one where the lady lets her dog lick her hand at night. Then one night she feels her dog licking her hand, but here's a dripping noise from her bathroom. When she investigates, she finds her dog, dead, dripping blood. It's ridiculous, why would a killer take the time to hide under her bed and lick her hand?

  3. well... i normally dont like horror story or movies but after i read south corea it caught my attention! is the story about the woman even real? i hope its not! also,i really liked teke teke but i still dont understand why would a girl want to kill people because she was cut in half in a train accident... i guess i will never know.

  4. Right!!! The second story is really famous in South Korea. It just sounds really familiar. Well, it is originally japanese story. Back then, there was a lot of rumor about that lit mouthed woman.

  5. I like horror stories sometimes and I really enjoyed this one. Kelly you always make me laugh with your personality. You are just so great. I really enjoy what you post and say it always makes the day interesting.