Thursday, March 27, 2014

You snooze, you lose!

Hey!  I found this video and I decided to share it with you guys because I thought it was interesting and relatable with all of us since most of us pass through this moment every morning. Basically, the video talks about if it's really a good idea or not to use the snooze button. According to the video, actually using the snooze button it's not healthy for our bodies. It actually make us feel even more tired when we finally decide to fully wake up. The video says that when the alarm sounds and wake us up, we still feel tired. That tired and awful state is called, Sleep Inertia. The deeper the sleep, more awful the Sleep Inertia will be. We feel tired because our body is not quite ready to wake up and there is when we press the snooze button. When we go back to sleep, our body restart the sleep cycle carrying us into deeper sleep stages and there is when the alarm rings again, making us feel even more tired. 

I was accostumed to use the snooze button, but I realized that everytime the alarm sounded, I felt quite stressed and more tired, so now I just set the alarm at the very last minute I know I have for sleeping. So, using the snooze button makes you more tired? Does it actually helps you prepare yoursef for finally waking up? Does your mom still wakes you up? Let me know in the comments!

-Belen :)

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  1. The unfortunate reality of the snooze button has caused several problems in all of us. I usually put my alarm at 5 am every monday that way I can wake up early to do my homework. The snooze button however has restrained me from waking up at this time. What was very true was what the video mentioned about our body being able to wake up at whatever time it wished. My grandmother's driver is very capable of doing this and I wish one day I will to.