Thursday, March 27, 2014

Can Money Buy Happiness?

We have been told that money can’t buy happiness, but is this statement necessarily true? First of all, what is the definition of happiness for you? Is it spending some quality time with the people that you love? Is it traveling around the world? A cup of coffee in the morning? It all depends on what makes you happy. According to the video, money can actually buy happiness in a certain way.

For example, the video says that studies show that people who spend their money on others is positively correlated with happiness. For some people, happiness can also mean going out with your friends to the mall, buying your favorite CD, traveling or just buying your favorite pizza with extra cheese. For realize all those activities, we need money, so in certain way, money does by happiness. It’s true that sometimes when we buy something, we feel happy at the moment, but after a few days or even minutes we don’t feel that happy anymore; however, we have to admit that those moments of happiness felt great. Sometimes those little pleasures that we buy contribute to our happiness. In conclusion, yes, in a certain way, money can buy happiness, it just depends if the way you are spending your money makes you happy.
So, what do you think. Do you think money can buy happiness? Does material things affect your happiness state? What makes you happy? Let Me know in the comments ↓ :)

-Belen :)


  1. I think money can't buy you happiness but you can use money as a way to lead you to something that can make you happy. There are some people that think having more money is happiness for them, but I, personally, disagree with that because life is not all about being rich. I rather be a happy, less rich person, than a rich, sad, stressed person.

  2. I do believe the money can't buy happiness and the it can be true if you use it in the correct way. Money is always helpful for other people how needs it. Or by giving something special to someone. All of these things can and may you happy. Money given to other people can make you feel happy.

  3. If anybody wants to become happier, you could always give me a computer or $1000. I think money can buy happiness, no matter who you spend it on. I also agree that having more money is better, and that with more money you can give gifts, buy experiences, and buy super expensive things.

  4. Maybe money hasn't always bought happiness, but you need money to have all your basic needs provided for. Shelter, food, security, all the necessities. You need money for that, you can't even think about emotional needs until your carnal needs are filled. So money doesn't buy happiness, but since you're probably not happy when dead, it does give a good base to start out with.

  5. this is so true, im going to send this video to my parents and tell them to get more gifts for me!!!!! hahaha, that would be cool