Friday, August 30, 2013

Independent Artist Worth Listening

Have you heard "I am" by Jose Keenan? If you have not, you should. In fact, you should listen to the whole album, Heavy Duty. Jose Keenan is an amazing musician. He is just 19 years old and he is extremely talented. He was born in Mexico but has lived in several other countries including Brazil. He is a really cool guy and it is really fun to be with him. Yes, I know, it sounds like I have met him and that is because I did. I actually went to the movies with him and a couple of other friends. We had a great time.
Anyway, going back to Jose's talent, here is a link where you can check his music: Also, just so you get an idea to how talented he is, he records everything himself and he plays all the instruments in his songs. That is part of the reason a lot of his music is acoustic. This is his first album and many people have bought it online already. I recommend for you to do the same because it is that good. I am sure that you will love it. I know I did and if you remember Josh Garcia, he also loved it.

Gaby Maldonado
11th Grade

                                       Picture taken by: Gabriella Loosle


  1. I love his music because I love indie music so if anybody likes indie music you should listen to Jose Keenan! Especially to the song devil dont know:)!!
    Keep supporting him Gaby!

  2. I've checked out Jose's music before and like you said, he is very talented! It's so impressive that he records all of his music and records everything himself, not to mention that he's already sold some albums! That's wonderful! My favorite song from his album would have to be "Wedding in the Dust". He has a very nice folk feel to his songs and they are very enjoyable to listen to! :)