Friday, August 30, 2013

A Solution to the No YouTube Rule

In light of the new rule that has been imposed in ICT class (no YouTube, yeah it's sad), I have come up with a solution:

It's very easy to use: just put in your favorite artist's name, wait, and enjoy! I'm the kind of person that has to listen to a lot of songs from an artist to decide whether I like them or not, and once I decide I like them, I listen to more of their songs because I do. Yes, there are times when I get sick of listening to the same artist over and over again, so there is another option:

You're going to love that one! I know I do. Instead of listening to music by artists, you choose playlists according to genres. There's all kinds of categories: indie rock, chill, summer, study, etc. The playlists are uploaded by fellow 8tracks users, so if you make an account, you can save the playlists that you like, or you can upload your own playlist to share. And for all the iSomething users out there (and I'm pretty sure that's most of the students and teachers here): there is also an app yay!

Sang Eui Lee 12th


  1. Thank You! Both of those websites sound good.

  2. This sounds pretty cool if you want to listen to music. What about those who like to watch videos? which is what a lot of people do.

    This solves a problem but not all of them. But I guess its a start.

  3. Thank you Sang Eui! I think that this is a start to this torture of not having Youtube. I think this only solves one problem though because there is the problem of where to watch videos. Most channels only post in Youtube and so if we want to watch them we still have to use youtube. Thank you for the music solution!